Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to love and empower families of downtown Augusta to create a flourishing neighborhood

what people are saying...

"Volunteering with Hope for Augusta is one of the highlights of my week. Hope for Augusta is a phenomenal organization with a big dream- they see the needs, they get to work and they bring Christ to our city and I am very thankful that I get to join them." - Laryssa Nilsen, Reaching Higher Volunteer
"It is such a blessing to be a part of planting seeds of truth in the lives of these children, to watch them explore their God given creativity and create with pride, knowing that doing so can bring Glory to God." - Sarah Graybeal, Arrow Volunteer
“Hope for Augusta represents to me an embodiment of Christianity with its sleeves rolled up. They act as good neighbors, especially with the kids. They go in and help them to learn those skills, those virtues, those tools that in the end make it less likely that they will come and see me.” - Judge David Watkins, State Court Judge