Oak Pointe

Forgive me for not updating sooner.

The last two Saturdays we have had our dance clinic in Oak Pointe which is a housing project at the end of our street. We have had two great Saturdays (plus a quick hour Monday) in Oak Pointe. We have met a lot of young girls and their mothers. Our Saturdays usually consist of just “hanging out” before and after our dance clinic. I realize this is a slow, but vital process for us to build good relationships with these girls and mothers. We have found nothing but good favor. These women invite us in to their homes and have trusted us with their daughters.

We had 8 girls come to our Dance Clinic last Saturday.

We had 6 girls come to New Towne Bible Study this week! I had the opportunity to pick up 3 sisters. They are so full of joy and told me they had a great time and want to come again!

Praise the Lord!