How did we begin?

Hope for Augusta began three years ago when a few pioneers from First Presbyterian church bought old homes and moved into the inner city of Augusta, GA.  Their focus was two-fold: to restore people and rebuild places. They longed to see the community redeemed from within. The pioneers sought to be Christ-centered, gospel-driven and Spirit-filled as they lived in the community.  As they developed relationships within the neighborhood they began to understand the challenges and assets of the community.  What started as a community dinner morphed into a community Bible study for urban kids.  The kids Bible study has become a funnel for us get to know parents and to offer deeper assistance in tutoring, mentoring and discipleship.  From there they began to partner with other like minded organizations to offer Hope for Augusta!

Ministries of Hope for Augusta

New Town

New Town is a weekly bible study held for children in the Olde Town Community, ages 5-18. New Town is held every Thursday night from 6:00 – 8:00 at Heritage Academy. Heritage Academy provides an area with a playground, basketball court, and field for the children to interact and play for the first hour. We then offer a free dinner, bible study and small group discussion times.

If you are interested in volunteering at New Town please fill out the contact form, or join as Heritage Academy on Thursday night at 6:00.

Heritage Academy
333 Greene Street
Augusta, GA 30901

Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher, a one-on-one after-school tutoring program, seeks to aid children and youth to become students who competently understand concepts being taught at school, have a strong work and study ethic, and who will be confident learners and leaders for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in tutoring with us, please contact Stephen Pittman at 678-234-9803, or fill out the contact form.

Oak Pointe Community Center
730 East Boundary
Augusta, GA 30901

Monday & Wednesday

East Augusta Commons Community Center
420 East Boundary
Augusta, GA 30901



Arrow Institute of Arts

Arrow Institute of Art (AIA) is a new facet of Hope For Augusta that is seeking to “instill a heart for Christ and the arts in the city”. The goal of AIA is to partner with Reaching Higher to teach the gospel of Christ through creating in an after school setting. It has become more and more evident how crucial it is for the arts to be taught to help aid education. It’s also crucial for us to teach that all things belong to and are being made new in Christ, including art and culture. Arrow’s long term vision is to teach these principles to the kids of downtown through visual art, music, theater and history.

Is Art Important? from Hope for Augusta on Vimeo.

“Volunteering with Hope for Augusta is one of the highlights of my week. Hope for Augusta is a phenomenal organization with a big dream- they see the needs, they get to work and they bring Christ to our city and I am very thankful that I get to join them.”

Laryssa Nilsen, Volunteer, Reaching Higher at Oak Pointe