Oaks Internship

About Oaks Internship.

The OAKS Internship Program exists to empower Hope for Augusta high school students to flourish in Christ through intensive discipleship in the Word, leadership development, and serving the next generation. Throughout the years, HFA staff have watched high school graduates struggle to succeed after high school due to a lack of a plan and resources. 

 Oaks Internship seeks to address these issues by providing resources, developing leadership skills, and helping students create a plan for after high school. 

As part of the Oaks Internship, a select group of high school students serve at our various programs at least five hours a week and receive discipleship in the Word and training in various life skills on Wednesdays. Students receive a monthly stipend as well as monthly funds deposited into their savings account set up through the Health Center Credit Union of Augusta University. 

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to receive a one-to-one match of the amount they have accrued in their savings account. Students can then choose to continue saving their money or spend their savings on transportation or further education as needed. 

It is our hope that, through this internship, interns will learn important leadership skills, grow in Christ, and have a plan and resources to flourish in the future. 


If you would like to give towards the Oaks Interns’ savings match you may do so by clicking the button below and choosing “Hope For Augusta” from the drop down menu  and then selecting “Oaks Intern Sponsorship” from the drop down menu. 

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